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7/3/23 Hello, Welcome to my site! This site, like my jewelry making, is a work in progress. After retiring from teaching I began working with copper and silver. With encouragement from friends and loved ones I became a vendor at a local craft fair. I was very inspired by the customer feedback and requests for a website. So, I decided to start an online store! All of the jewelry you see is handmade by me. Each piece is unique and has had its own journey. Some of them smoother than others. I have found that I have a relationship with each piece, and each end product is the result of a fusion of countless factors. Many of the pieces are flame painted copper. In this process, copper changes colors depending on the temperature it reaches. It is a moody process to say the least, but the results can be captivating. All patinas are natural, not dyes. All copper is coated with a clear protectant to ensure the colors remain stable for many years. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy! Bob G.

Purchases of $30 or more receive free standard shipping to U.S., Canada or Mexico.

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Bob Garfield
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